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If you are a WEB-designer and consider your designs competitive with ours - just create it! We put up your work for sale. You set the price and we will take a modest commission of 20%. Offer your design


TopList WEB-design

  Top-list design comprises 25-30 pages. We call your attention to the samples of a toplist home page and a toplist participant zone pages. We intend to create the rest of the pages and the toplist title during one week.


Custom-built WEB-design

  Our team of talented designers, artists and experienced programmers is ready to build any degree of complexity site, involving various Internet technologies and original artistic design.

  Our sphere is a small-scaled site of original design and easy navigation. We are not afraid of hard work, which demands the knowledge of programming languages.

  Your order will be performed on-the-fly and in workmanlike manner.


Finished designs samples:
The pricing is at the designers' competence; we only sell their design.


Sexy-Top   $45       Sold

SuperTop   $85    HTML/JavaScript Sold
Top-List design with the application of JavaScript.

TEEN Top   $50 Sold


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